Export Distribution Company Unlocks Growth with Flexible Funding from multifi

With over 50 years of exporting experience, a leading UK distribution solutions provider has established itself as a premier global logistics partner. However, to capitalise on new growth opportunities, they needed to quickly secure additional working capital beyond what their existing lenders could provide. By partnering with multifi for flexible alternative funding, the distribution company fueled their expansion plans with an unsecured £150k cash flow facility set up in just 48 hours.

5 Decades of Export Distribution Experience

The distribution company has provided world-class export solutions to clients across the UK for over five decades. Their specialised services include procurement, documentation, shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, and final mile delivery both domestically and abroad.

With annual revenues exceeding £7 million, they have become one of the top options for organisations looking to expand into international markets. Their client roster includes leading names across a variety of industries.


Supporting Growth Opportunities with Fast Funding

Demand for their services continued rising, so the distribution company pursued strategic plans to expand its operations and capabilities. However, this growth vision required more significant working capital than their existing lenders could provide.

They began exploring alternative funding solutions with traditional financing, unable to keep pace with their needs. They prioritised finding a provider who could deliver fast, flexible capital that wouldn’t restrict their expansion initiatives.



Key Feature:
Unsecured Facility Alongside Existing Loans Enables Maximum Flexibility

The unsecured credit from multifi complemented the company’s existing loans, empowering maximum flexibility. With no collateral or changes to current financing required, the new capital enabled the company to retain existing lending relationships while still accessing fast funding to capitalise on strategic growth opportunities at precisely the correct times.



multifi Provides £150k Unsecured Cash Flow Facility

After assessing their situation, multifi offered the distribution company an unsecured cash flow funding facility of up to £150k. This required no asset collateral or changes to existing lending relationships.

Within 48 hours, they had secured access to additional working capital that could immediately be deployed toward growth. The fast funding enabled them to execute on market opportunities at precisely the right time.

The unsecured facility also provided maximum flexibility. They could draw down varying amounts as needed rather than taking a lump sum. There were no restrictions on usage like traditional financing.


Optimising Cash Flow and Adhering to Growth Requirements

The new capital facility lets the company optimise their real-time cash flow to meet operating and expansion needs. Rather than cash sitting idle, every pound could now be put to work.

At the same time, they weren’t forced to take on unnecessary capital. Their balance sheet remained efficient. This enabled them to adhere precisely to their carefully planned growth requirements.

The multifi platform also delivered an easy-to-use digital interface to access funding. They could manage the entire facility via their dashboard and make seamless payments.


Fast access to business finance in a user-friendly platform with fixed, competitive interest rates.

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Key Takeaways from This Alternative Funding Case Study


  • Fast funding in 48 hours without requiring new collateral

  • Flexible unsecured facility tailored to expansion plans

  • No disruption to existing lending relationships

  • Easy-to-use online platform for capital access


For distribution companies looking to unlock growth, alternative funding can provide the fast, flexible capital traditional lenders may not offer. The right funding partner tailors solutions to your needs, not standardised products.


Consider Alternative Funding to Power Your Own Growth

Is your distribution business ready to expand but held back by restrictive financing? Follow this company’s example and explore alternative funding options to access the capital you need.

multifi can provide customised solutions to optimise your cash flow and propel growth, not restrict it. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you capitalise on new opportunities.


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