multifi Increases Credit Limits to £250,000, Empowering UK Businesses to Grow and Manage Cashflow Better

In a move that underscores its commitment to supporting the growth and sustainability of UK businesses, multifi is delighted to announce an increase in its credit limits from £200,000 to £250,000.


This strategic enhancement is designed to give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK the extra financial leeway they need to scale operations, manage cash flow effectively, and seize market opportunities without delay.


Empowering business growth

The decision to increase credit limits comes at a crucial time. As businesses navigate the complexities of a post-pandemic economy, access to sufficient capital remains a critical challenge. Multifi’s enhanced credit limits offer a much-needed buffer and financial flexibility, allowing businesses to:

  • Smoothly Handle Operational Costs: More substantial credit limits mean businesses can easily manage day-to-day expenses and maintain operations without financial strain.
  • Invest in Growth Opportunities: Businesses now have the financial support to invest in their growth, whether by expanding the workforce, increasing marketing efforts, or buying essential equipment.
    Plan Better for Seasonal Demands: Companies with seasonal peaks can now better plan their inventory and staffing, ensuring they maximise their busy periods without cash flow issues.

Why This Matters

Sunil Dial, Director of Commercial at multifi, explains,

“Our goal has always been to support UK businesses to survive and thrive. Increasing our credit limits is a direct response to our clients’ feedback and reflects our trust in their potential and resilience. We believe this change will significantly benefit many businesses, empowering them to expand and innovate confidently.”


Looking Ahead

This increase is part of multifi’s broader strategy to support UK businesses. We are continuously exploring new ways to adapt our offerings and deliver solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of modern enterprises. With a focus on flexibility, responsiveness, and customer-centric services, multifi is committed to being a key player in the success stories of British enterprises.

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multifi is more than a financial service provider; we are a partner in your business’s success. With our new credit limit, we look forward to seeing our clients reach new heights and achieve their business goals. Stay tuned as we roll out new initiatives and enhancements to our services.

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