Financial Support for SMEs: How multifi Helps Businesses Scale and Succeed

In the global economic arena, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role as catalysts for innovation, employment, and growth. However, scaling such businesses often hinges on one critical element—reliable financial support. multifi stands as a beacon of progress in this domain, offering customised financial support for SMEs. With an array of innovative financial products and expert advisory services, multifi’s mission is to unlock the untapped potential within SMEs, enabling them to soar to new heights of commercial success.


multifi: Your Partner for SME Financial Support

Tailored Financing Solutions

multifi recognises that financial support for SMEs should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Its suite of financial instruments is designed to match the specific needs of SMEs, offering unsecured loans and revolving credit facilities without the usual collateral constraints. These tools provide the liquidity needed to tackle growth projects, manage operational costs, and confidently navigate market fluctuations.


Efficient Access to Funds

Key to multifi’s offerings is expedited access to capital. A streamlined application process means businesses can receive funds rapidly, ensuring that SMEs can act quickly when opportunities or challenges arise without being stalled by the typical bureaucratic red tape.


Bespoke Financial Guidance

Beyond funding, multifi is a strategic advisor, delivering SME financial support through customised guidance. Their experts partner with SMEs to carve out growth, investment, and stability pathways.

Unlocking SME Growth Potential with Financial Support

multifi’s SME financial support extends into robust planning tools and resource provisions, allowing businesses to forecast accurately and engage in data-driven decision-making. This comprehensive approach ensures SMEs are funded and fundamentally strengthened for the challenges of expansion.

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The multifi Advantage in SME Financial Support

Insight and Understanding

A profound understanding of the SME landscape is at the heart of multifi’s operations. This insight drives the creation of financial products that are accurately attuned to SMEs’ unique challenges and opportunities.


Innovative and Agile Solutions

Adaptability and innovation underpin multifi’s financial solutions. The company remains at the industry’s cutting edge, ensuring its financial support mechanisms for SMEs are relevant, responsive, and revolutionary.


Download our latest report: The future of cashflow

Download our insight report, “The Fight Against Slow Finance: How Pre-Approved Credit is the Secret Weapon for UK Businesses,” to dive deeper into the challenges UK businesses face and discover how multifi is revolutionising the world of business finance.

Our report includes:

  • Identification of financial gaps and the impact on SMBs.
  • Strategies for managing cashflow effectively.
  • The benefits of pre-approved business credit.
  • Real-world case studies and success stories

Frequently Asked Questions About multifi:

Who is multifi for?
multifi is a fast, flexible source of business finance for all UK companies. We support everything from retailers and restaurants to manufacturers and professional service firms. Businesses use multifi to bridge short-term cashflow gaps, invest in new opportunities, and more.

How much can I borrow?
We will approve your business for up to £200,000. Your credit limit is based on factors like revenues and cashflow. 

Are there any commitments?
It’s free to apply without obligation. If approved, you only proceed once you’ve reviewed your offer. We may, in some cases require a personal guarantee.

Do you charge fees?
We believe in transparency. There is no sign-up fee. The only costs are a  monthly fee of 0.3% of your credit limit, and a 1.99% interest on used credit per 30 days. There are no hidden fees and no charges for early repayment.

How do I make repayments?
To make a repayment, simply ensure you have sufficient funds in your Business account when repayments are due for both your monthly platform fee (0.3% of your credit allowance) and interest fee (1.99% of used credit). If you are making a capital repayment, simply make a payment from your Credit account, ensuring there are sufficient funds in your Business account.

What if I miss payments?
Contact your advisor immediately if you anticipate difficulty with repayments. We’ll try to assist you in getting back on track. Missed payments may impact future eligibility.

What kind of businesses are eligible for credit limits?

Our customers are typically businesses looking to generate cashflow and grow.

Minimum criteria include:

  • The business is a limited company and must be registered at Companies House.
  • The business has traded for at least two years.
  • The business should have a positive Net Tangible Asset position.
  • The business and its directors must have no outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJs).
  • The business must not trade in a prohibitive industry.

Full eligibility criteria can be found on our support page

multifi’s commitment to providing comprehensive financial support for SMEs positions it as a pivotal player in the SME growth narrative. It stands as more than a lender—it is a partner committed to the long-term success of SMEs.

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