How Business Financing Fuelled Rapid Growth for a UK Importer


Fuel Your Importing Business with multifi’s Flexible Finance Solution!

Discover how an exclusive importer of high-end ground care machinery scaled up with multifi’s innovative finance solution. With a growing order book and seasonal demand, the company faced cashflow challenges in paying suppliers upfront. Traditional trade finance wasn’t viable, but multifi provided the perfect fix.

Our flexible facility paid international suppliers upfront, giving the company up to 120 days to repay the funds. By eliminating cashflow pressure, they experienced reduced issues and enhanced supplier relationships, leading to impressive growth. The company now meets customer demands promptly, enjoys supplier discounts, and secures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With multifi’s support, fuel your business’s growth, optimize your supply chain, and unlock your path to industry leadership. Get the working capital you need and take your importing business to new heights with multifi’s innovative finance solution!