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How multifi business finance works

Key Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


multifi is a fast, flexible source of business finance for all UK companies. We support everything from retailers and restaurants to manufacturers and professional service firms. Businesses use multifi to bridge short-term cashflow gaps, invest in new opportunities, and more.

We welcome a wide range of established small and medium enterprises. As a minimum requirement, you must have a UK-based business, registered at Companies House.

Our credit assessment and due diligence process is designed so that it allows us to make informed credit decisions quickly, providing feedback to applicants in a timely manner. Our streamlined digital process eliminates complex fees and provides unmatched flexibility compared to traditional business loans.

multifi was founded in 2022 by finance experts seeking to transform small business lending.  We spent time understanding the pain points small and medium-sized businesses are faced with when trying to access finance. As a result, we have designed products and technology we believe will really make a difference. In short, we are here to help UK businesses access fast, fair funding to reach their potential. 

Our team is based in central London near Farringdon. 

Our advisors are always happy to help. Please email for more information.

Yes, we are committed to ethical and responsible lending. We are partners of the British Chamber of Commerce, and the Federation of Small Businesses and our credit and business account providers are registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  

How It Works

We will approve your business for up to £200,000. Your credit limit is based on factors like revenues and cashflow. 

Sign-up and use credit to make UK and international payments. Repay within 120 days and reuse your revolving credit as required.

It’s free to apply without obligation. If approved, you only proceed once you’ve reviewed your offer. We may, in some cases require a personal guarantee.

No, our facilities are unsecured with no business asset requirements. We may, in some instances, request a personal guarantee from company directors.

We believe in transparency. There is no sign-up fee. The only costs are a  monthly fee of 0.3% of your credit limit, and a 1.99% interest on used credit per 30 days. There are no hidden fees and no charges for early repayment.

Yes. There is no sign-up fee. The only costs are a  monthly fee of 0.3% of your credit limit and a 1.99% interest on used credit per 30 days. There are no hidden fees and no charges for early repayment. 

Applying to multifi

We are currently rolling out our facility via brokers and introducers. When applying to multifi, we’ll assess your eligibility instantly and confirm your offer, usually within 24 hours. 

We analyse your business activity via read-only open-banking access. This provides a detailed picture of your business performance without paperwork. 

View your indicative credit limit within minutes! Our proprietary technology enables near-instant estimates of what we are likely to offer. We then confirm your limit, usually within 24 hours, and send you a link to apply for your credit. Once approved, you can access funds directly in the multifi platform 24/7.

Our customers are typically businesses looking to generate cashflow and grow.

Minimum criteria include:

  • The business is a limited company and must be registered at Companies House.
  • The business has traded for at least two years.
  • The business should have a positive Net Tangible Asset position.
  • The business and its directors must have no outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJs).
  • The business must not trade in a prohibitive industry.

Yes, under our Customer Due Diligence and Anti Money Laundering Policy, there are some industries to which we are prohibited from offering credit.

These areas include:


Bail and bond payments.


Wood pulp (upstream and downstream)




Oil sands


Palm sands


Nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycle


Providing illegal access to numerical data, or allowing downloading of it.


R&D or technical applications intending to support the business.


Production and trade of weapons and ammunitions.




Cash only businesses – E.G. tanning shops, sauna parlours


Night clubs




Construction and sub-contracting


General Construction


Property development


Property Investment.


Crude oil drilling and exploration (fossil fuels drilling and exploration).


Trading and or production of products that contain CBD (oil).


Coal fire power generation.


Using the multifi platform

Click ‘Payees’ in the top menu to add a new payee to your multifi account. In the first step, you should add the name and address of the person or business you want to add to your payee list and then click submit. In the second step, you should add the bank account information of the person or business you want to add to your payee list and click submit.

We aim to verify new payees within 24 hours, after which you can make payments to your suppliers, which are usually processed on the same day.

Click ‘Payees’ in the top menu. In the sub-menu below, click ‘Manage Payees’. This section allows you to view the status of your payees. Once a payee has been approved you can edit their details.

Make a new payment by clicking ‘Payment’ in the top menu. Choose who you want to send money to from the dropdown list of existing payees*. Fill in the required payment details and click ‘submit.’ Payments are typically sent and received on the same day.

*Before using your multifi account to make any payments, you must add the business or person you want to send money to as a payee. See ‘How do I set up a payee’ for more information.

Click ‘Payment’ in the top menu to view your payment history. From this window you can view recent payments, search for specific payments and view Credit Account Transactions.

Add a new user to your account by clicking ‘Admin’ in the top menu. Here you can submit the details of colleagues, giving them access to your multifi account. 

Change your password by clicking the circular avatar at the top right of your multifi account screen. Here you can change your password, update your security word and edit your account details.

Update your details by clicking the circular avatar at the top right of your multifi account screen. Here, you can edit your account details, change your password, and update your security word.

Payments will appear in your recipients’ bank account as RCH Capital and you can edit the reference to include your company name.

To send an overseas payment, you must first add them as a new payee and include their registered country address and international bank details.

Once the payee has been registered on your account, you can then send them money by clicking the ‘Payees’ tab in the top menu and clicking ‘FX Payment’.

Modulr provide the embedded payment solution behind our Cash accounts and Credit accounts. 

Modulr works in the same way as any other payment account, customers can make inbound and outbound payments.

Modulr uses a range of clearing banks for different services and with direct access to Faster Payments and Bacs. Modulr is one of a few non-bank Payment Service Providers to hold funds associated with GBP domestic flows directly at the Bank of England.

Click here for more information on Modulr.


Modulr FS Ltd (FRN: 900573) is licensed as an authorised E-Money Institution (EMI) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This enables Modulr to issue electronic money (e-money) to its customers, hold customer funds in safeguarded e-money accounts and provide related payment services to customers. 

In line with Modulr’s regulatory requirements, customers’ GBP funds related to the e-money that Modulr has issued are segregated from Modulr’s own funds and, unless otherwise specified, safeguarded in a Bank of England account. As such, e-money in Modulr accounts is protected from any risk connected with Modulr’s solvency.

In line with the Electronic Money Regulations, Modulr FS holds additional “own funds” to the value of 2% of the safeguarded balance. Modulr has a responsibility to notify the FCA should the “own funds” fall below the 2% mark. The “own funds” requirement and safeguarding requirement mean customer funds are 100% available to a customer, and there is a protection mechanism to help ensure an orderly wind-down of an EMI if required.

While the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is not applicable in relation to e-money products, the regulatory regime outlined above can be relied upon and protects the full balance of customer funds, as opposed to protecting up to a cap (as under the FSCS). With regards to money laundering and the Proceeds of Crime Act, Modulr has the same obligations as other payment service providers and banks

Payments and Repayments

The only costs are a  monthly fee of 0.3%, and a 1.99% interest on used credit per 30 days. Interest is payable only used credit.

You can use up to the total amount of your credit facility up to a maximum of 120 days. You make a repayment any time before the 120-day term elapses. The credit facility can be used in part or in its entirety. Once borrowed funds and fees are repaid, you can then reuse your revolving credit as needed.

You can repay anytime within 120 days without incurring any early repayment penalty charges. You only get charged for the period you use the credit for.

To make a repayment, simply ensure you have sufficient funds in your Business account when repayments are due for both your monthly platform fee (0.3% of your credit allowance) and interest fee (1.99% of used credit). If you are making a capital repayment, simply make a payment from your Credit account, ensuring there are sufficient funds in your Business account.

Contact your advisor immediately if you anticipate difficulty with repayments. We’ll try to assist you in getting back on track. Missed payments may impact future eligibility.

Payments initiated from your multifi Credit Account will be reflected on your payee’s bank account statements with the descriptor “RCH Capital” and the reference will be “multifi.

Privacy and Security

Yes, we conduct credit checks during the application process to enable us to make responsible lending decisions. These credit checks should not impact your ability to obtain credit elsewhere.

Absolutely. Our systems only access historical business data via read-only open-banking to assess eligibility. Passwords and data are never seen by humans and are treated with the utmost care. Learn more about open banking here.

For further information please contact support:

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