How Business Financing Fuelled Rapid Growth for a UK Importer


Fuel Your Importing Business with multifi’s Flexible Finance Solution!

Discover how an exclusive importer of high-end ground care machinery scaled up with multifi’s innovative finance solution. With a growing order book and seasonal demand, the company faced cashflow challenges in paying suppliers upfront. Traditional trade finance wasn’t viable, but multifi provided the perfect fix.

Our flexible facility paid international suppliers upfront, giving the company up to 120 days to repay the funds. By eliminating cashflow pressure, they experienced reduced issues and enhanced supplier relationships, leading to impressive growth. The company now meets customer demands promptly, enjoys supplier discounts, and secures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With multifi’s support, fuel your business’s growth, optimize your supply chain, and unlock your path to industry leadership. Get the working capital you need and take your importing business to new heights with multifi’s innovative finance solution!

Empowering a Fashion Retailer’s Growth with Business Financing


Discover how an independent fashion boutique achieved remarkable success in the industry with multifi’s support. Operating two bustling stores and an international e-commerce site, this boutique curated designer fashion from top labels, earning an enviable reputation.

In the fast-paced fashion sector, speed to market is key. With traditional finance solutions falling short, multifi stepped in with a £100k revolving credit facility, tailor-made for retailers. This credit limit enabled the boutique to address cashflow challenges and streamline their supply chain, paying suppliers in the UK and globally with extended settlement terms.

The results were impressive:

Increased Efficiency: Accessing the revolving credit facility allowed the retailer to place larger orders, optimizing their purchasing process for greater efficiency.
Managed Seasonal Demand: By spreading out invoicing, the retailer navigated seasonal peaks and troughs, aligning payment schedules with sales patterns.
Faster Response to Trends: Improved cashflow empowered the retailer to stock essential items early, staying ahead of industry trends and sustaining impressive growth.
multifi positioned the boutique for future growth and new opportunities. By leveraging our business finance solution, fashion retailers can address working capital gaps, boost operational efficiency, and seize growth opportunities in the dynamic fashion industry. Fuel your fashion success with multifi and make your mark in the world of style!

Business Finance Fuels Growth for a Thriving Marketing Agency


Unlock Your Agency’s Potential with multifi’s Flexible Financing Solution!

Discover how a fast-growing marketing agency in London overcame cashflow challenges and achieved sustainable growth. By providing a £150,000 revolving credit facility, multifi empowered the agency to cover expenses and pay staff on time, despite delayed client payments. The result? Healthier cashflow, stronger supplier relationships, and a focused team delivering exceptional results. With multifi’s support, this agency thrived and scaled seamlessly, ensuring client satisfaction and business success. Experience the benefits of our versatile financing solution tailored to your unique needs and take your agency to new heights!