Business Finance Fuels Growth for a Thriving Marketing Agency

A fast-growing full-service marketing agency based in London had built an impressive portfolio of clients across various industries. However, as the agency took on more significant projects, its payroll and overhead costs began exceeding income and they required business finance.

Like many service-based businesses, the agency faced the common challenge of balancing expenses and delayed client payments. Outstanding invoices meant the company struggled to pay staff salaries and supplier bills on time, causing cashflow issues.

To sustain its rapid growth, the agency needed access to working capital to cover costs while awaiting client payments. So the company turned to multifi for a versatile business financing solution tailored to their needs.

multifi provided a £150,000 revolving credit facility to alleviate the agency’s cashflow pressures. multifi’s business finance enabled the marketing agency to promptly pay salaries and suppliers while allowing up to 90 days to repay as client payments came in.

The agency benefited in the following ways:

  1. Healthy Cashflow: multifi’s credit facility ensured the agency could cover payroll, overheads, and supplier costs smoothly despite payment delays.
  2. Managed Growth: The extra working capital enabled the agency to take on more significant projects and new hires to drive growth without cashflow issues hindering expansion.
  3. Stronger Supplier Relationships: Paying suppliers promptly improved relationships with vendors and service providers.
  4. Focus on Delivery: With cashflow issues addressed, the agency could focus resources entirely on client work rather than chasing payments.
  5. Improved Workflow: The revolving facility streamlined operations, eliminating distracting financial concerns.
business finance for marketing agencies

With multifi’s support, the thriving agency continues growing successfully. The flexible financing solution empowers the business to scale sustainably while delivering ROI for clients. multifi’s business finance enables marketing agencies to unlock their full potential.

This case study represents just a glimpse into the transformative power of multifi’s finance solutions. We remain committed to partnering with UK businesses, enabling them to overcome cashflow challenges, seize growth opportunities, and thrive in their respective industries.

Contact us today to explore how multifi can tailor a finance solution to meet your business needs and accelerate your journey towards success.

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