Nurturing growth through business finance for UK distributors


Discover how a leading balance bike company in the UK accelerated its growth with multifi’s business finance. Facing challenges in paying manufacturers on time, they found the perfect solution with our £200k revolving credit facility.

With multifi’s support, the company experienced a range of benefits that fueled its success:

Steady Cashflow: Our revolving credit facility ensured healthy cashflow, enabling seamless payments to manufacturers and suppliers.
Optimized Stock Levels: Improved working capital allowed the company to maintain optimal stock levels, boosting sales.
Seize Opportunities: Access to additional cash gave the company a competitive edge, allowing them to seize growth opportunities and win new business.
Improved Terms: A strengthened financial position enabled better negotiation of customer terms, resulting in improved commercial arrangements.
Enhanced Forecasting: The revolving credit facility provided greater clarity in cashflow forecasting, facilitating effective planning for future growth and investments.
Stronger Relationships: By promptly meeting financial obligations, distributors built stronger relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, securing a reliable supply chain and favorable terms.
multifi’s business finance solution fueled growth, enhanced operational efficiency, and strengthened the company’s market position. We are proud to have nurtured the growth of this leading distributor, unleashing their true potential in the market. Fuel your distribution business with multifi’s finance solution and drive your success to new heights!