Fuelling growth for distributors with multifi's business finance solution

A leading balance bike company in the UK had challenges paying manufacturers on time due to delayed cashflow. To solve his issue, multifi offered the UK distributor business finance through a £200k revolving credit facility, which bridged this working capital gap and unlocked new benefits.

How multifi’s business finance helped this UK distributor:

  1. Ensured healthy cashflow: multifi’s revolving credit facility helped maintain a steady cashflow, enabling the company to cover expenses such as payments to manufacturers and suppliers without disruptions.
  2. Optimised stock levels: With improved working capital, the company can maintain optimal stock levels to improve sales.
  3. Seize growth opportunities: Access to additional cash enabled the company to be first to react to growth opportunities, and helped it win new business ahead of its competitors.
  4. Negotiate improved customer terms: A strengthened financial position enabled the company to become a cash buyer and increase order size resulting in improved commercial terms. 
  5. Enhance forecasting: Access to funds through the revolving credit facility provided greater clarity in cashflow forecasting, facilitating effective planning for future growth and investments.
  6. Strengthened supplier and customer relationships: By promptly meeting financial obligations, distributors can build stronger relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring a reliable supply chain and favourable terms.
business finance for UK distributors

multifi’s business finance offered the UK distributor necessary financial support to fuel growth, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen the market position of the business. multifi helped nurture the growth of the business and unleash the company’s potential as a leading distributor.

This case study represents just a glimpse into the transformative power of multifi’s finance solutions. We remain committed to partnering with UK businesses, enabling them to overcome cashflow challenges, seize growth opportunities, and thrive in their respective industries.

These case studies were curated from customers who have used the Kactus Technologies Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) software system, the same technology on which the multifi platform is built.

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