Unsecured Business Loans Requiring No Collateral: Empowering Business Growth

Did you know that over 70% of small businesses struggle to secure traditional loans due to strict collateral requirements? This statistic highlights a significant barrier to SME growth. However, unsecured business loans without collateral from Multifi are changing the landscape by offering a lifeline to companies without the need for asset pledges.


The Challenge of Securing Business Finance

Securing finance is a critical step for business growth, yet many SMEs cannot meet the stringent collateral demands of traditional lenders. This challenge often forces businesses to forego expansion plans or miss out on crucial opportunities. Unsecured business loans with no collateral can bridge this gap by providing essential funds without tying them to physical assets.

multifi’s Unsecured Business Loans: An Overview

multifi offers unsecured business loans with no collateral, removing traditional barriers and making funding accessible to a broader range of businesses. This approach particularly benefits enterprises with limited physical assets but strong growth potential.


Key Benefits of multifi’s Unsecured Loans

  • Enhanced Accessibility

    • No collateral is required, opening up funding to businesses without substantial assets.
    • Simplifies the borrowing process, making it faster and more inclusive.

  • Greater Flexibility

    • Flexible loan amounts and repayment terms tailored to each business’s cashflow.
    • Allows businesses to respond swiftly to opportunities without the burden of asset liquidation.

  • Simplified Application Process

    • Quick online application with minimal paperwork.
    • Fast decision-making processes, often within 72 hours, enable rapid access to funds.

  • Lower Risk for Borrowers

    • Reduces financial risk to business owners by eliminating the need to pledge assets.
    • Protects personal and business assets from seizure in case of financial setbacks

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Competitive Analysis

Unlike many traditional lenders that require extensive guarantees, multifi offers unsecured business loans with no collateral and competitive terms. This approach simplifies the lending process and opens it up to a broader audience, providing a competitive edge in the SME financing market.


multifi’s Support and Resources

Beyond just financing, multifi offers financial planning tools and expert advice to ensure businesses can maximize the benefits of their loans. This comprehensive support helps SMEs not only survive but thrive in competitive markets.


Download our latest report: The future of cashflow

Download our insight report, “The Fight Against Slow Finance: How Pre-Approved Credit is the Secret Weapon for UK Businesses,” to dive deeper into the challenges UK businesses face and discover how multifi is revolutionising the world of business finance.

Our report includes:

  • Identification of financial gaps and the impact on SMBs.
  • Strategies for managing cashflow effectively.
  • The benefits of pre-approved business credit.
  • Real-world case studies and success stories

Frequently Asked Questions About multifi:

Who is multifi for?
multifi is a fast, flexible source of business finance for all UK companies. We support everything from retailers and restaurants to manufacturers and professional service firms. Businesses use multifi to bridge short-term cashflow gaps, invest in new opportunities, and more.

How much can I borrow?
We will approve your business for up to £200,000. Your credit limit is based on factors like revenues and cashflow. 

Are there any commitments?
It’s free to apply without obligation. If approved, you only proceed once you’ve reviewed your offer. We may, in some cases require a personal guarantee.

Do you charge fees?
We believe in transparency. There is no sign-up fee. The only costs are a  monthly fee of 0.3% of your credit limit, and a 1.99% interest on used credit per 30 days. There are no hidden fees and no charges for early repayment.

How do I make repayments?
To make a repayment, simply ensure you have sufficient funds in your Business account when repayments are due for both your monthly platform fee (0.3% of your credit allowance) and interest fee (1.99% of used credit). If you are making a capital repayment, simply make a payment from your Credit account, ensuring there are sufficient funds in your Business account.

What if I miss payments?
Contact your advisor immediately if you anticipate difficulty with repayments. We’ll try to assist you in getting back on track. Missed payments may impact future eligibility.

What kind of businesses are eligible for credit limits?

Our customers are typically businesses looking to generate cashflow and grow.

Minimum criteria include:

  • The business is a limited company and must be registered at Companies House.
  • The business has traded for at least two years.
  • The business should have a positive Net Tangible Asset position.
  • The business and its directors must have no outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJs).
  • The business must not trade in a prohibitive industry.

Full eligibility criteria can be found on our support page

Success Stories

Explore how multifi’s finance solution helped distributors overcome working capital gaps and manage larger orders from retailers and e-commerce platforms. Or discover how multifi’s trade finance solution empowered importers to address upfront payment challenges and fuel business growth.


Unsecured business loans with no collateral from multifi are more than just financial products; they are growth enablers for SMEs across the UK. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level without the risk of losing your assets, explore how multifi can help.

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