Five ways multifi is revolutionising business finance for SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the lifeblood of the UK economy. However, many of these enterprises face significant challenges when it comes to accessing the financing required to sustain, manage, and expand their operations.


That’s where multifi steps in, with an innovative online platform dedicated to revolutionising SMB business finance in the UK. In this article, we’ll explore five key ways multifi is transforming financing for UK SMBs.

1. Simplifying Access to Credit

multifi understands that time is money, especially for SMBs. Waiting for weeks for loan approvals is simply not an option when you need to seize opportunities quickly. With multifi, the credit application process is effortless. Through our intuitive digital platform, SMBs can instantly check their eligibility for up to £200,000 in credit. Gone are the days of lengthy paperwork and uncertain waiting times. multifi streamlines the application and approvals process, putting financing decisions back in your hands.


This was the scenario of a full-service marketing agency based in London. The business had been growing rapidly, acquiring clients across diverse industries. However, as they took on more significant projects, expenses began to outpace income. This common challenge among service-based businesses created cashflow issues, impacting the ability to pay staff and suppliers promptly. A £150,000 revolving credit facility from multifi helped sustain rapid growth and alleviate cashflow pressures. Thanks to multifi’s business finance, they could pay salaries and suppliers promptly while having 90-days to repay as client payments flowed in. This not only resolved cashflow issues but also allowed the agency to focus on client work, growth, and streamlined operations.



2. Fixed, Transparent Rates

Financial surprises are the last thing any SMB needs. With multifi, you’ll always know where you stand. Our platform offers fixed, transparent rates, so you can plan your budget with confidence. Say goodbye to hidden fees and unexpected interest rate hikes. multifi’s commitment to transparency means you’ll understand the exact costs of your financing from day one. It’s finance you can trust, tailored to your needs.


This was the case for an owner of an independent boutique specialising in designer fashion. The boutiques and e-commerce site showcase exquisite fashion lines from renowned labels and their brand is synonymous with style and quality. However, in the fashion industry, speed to market is vital, and buying stock in advance of sales creates working capital pressure. Traditional finance solutions weren’t suitable, and they needed a financing solution tailored to their needs. multifi offered a £100,000 revolving credit solution to address these challenges. By spreading out invoicing and leveraging multifi’s flexible facility, they could streamline their purchasing process, optimise efficiency, and respond swiftly to industry trends. With improved cashflow, they could stock essential items early in the season, responding to fashion trends with precision, and enhancing customer satisfaction.



3. Fast Funding

In the world of SMBs, opportunities and needs can arise at a moment’s notice. Waiting weeks for funds to arrive just won’t cut it. That’s why multifi ensures eligible SMBs can access funds in their bank accounts within 48 hours. Whether you’re looking to capitalise on a sudden business opportunity or need to address an unexpected challenge, multifi provides the financial agility you require. With multifi, you can act swiftly and stay ahead of the game.


This feature helped an exclusive importer and distributor of high-end ground care machinery in the UK. As an extensive reseller with a loyal customer base they quickly became  a premier logistics partner to companies around the world. However, as they sought to expand operations, they realised they needed more significant working capital than existing lenders could provide. Traditional trade finance products were not suitable and required payment before shipment. They needed a straightforward business finance solution to bridge the working capital gap. multifi stepped in with a flexible facility tailored for UK distributors, offering up to £150,000 in unsecured cashflow funding. This allowed them to pay suppliers upfront and provided up to 120 days to repay the funds as sales came in, eliminating cashflow pressure and enhancing supply chain efficiency.



4. Revolving Credit Facilities

SMBs often face fluctuations in their financing needs. Traditional loans force them to reapply for financing each time their requirements change, creating unnecessary complexity. multifi offers a smarter solution with revolving credit facilities. Once approved, you have the flexibility to withdraw, repay, and re-use your credit line as needed. No more reapplications, no more hassles. It’s financing on your terms, designed to match the dynamic nature of SMBs.


This was the case for a UK distribution solutions provider with over 50 years of exporting experience. Their expertise in procurement, documentation, shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, and final mile delivery has made them a trusted partner for organisations expanding into international markets. However, as demand for services continued to rise, they required more significant working capital than existing lenders could provide. Traditional financing couldn’t keep up with their needs, and they needed fast, flexible capital that wouldn’t restrict your expansion initiatives. multifi offered a revolving cashflow facility of up to £150,000, with no asset collateral or changes to existing lending relationships required. Within 48 hours, they had secured access to additional working capital that could immediately be regularly deployed toward growth. The revolving facility provided maximum flexibility, enabling them to optimise cashflow, meet operating and expansion needs, and streamline payments.


5. Integrated Payments, Banking, and Financing

Managing payments, banking services, and financing separately can be a time-consuming challenge. multifi streamlines your financial operations by integrating these essential components into one platform. Now you can handle payments, access banking services, and secure financing—all in one place. Say goodbye to administrative headaches and hello to a simplified, consolidated financial workflow.


These features helped a prominent UK distribution solutions provider with a track record of providing world-class export solutions for over five decades. Their services encompass procurement, documentation, shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, and final mile delivery, serving clients across various industries. With annual revenues exceeding £7 million, they become a top choice for organisations expanding into international markets. However, the business required upfront payment for stock before it’s shipped to their UK warehouses, creating working capital pressure. Traditional trade finance products were not suitable for these needs. They a business finance solution that could provide fast, flexible capital while allowing them to retain existing lending relationships. multifi offered you a flexible unsecured credit facility that complemented existing loans, delivering fast, flexible capital without the need for new collateral. This enabled them to optimise real-time cashflow, meet operating and expansion needs, and efficiently manage payments via an easy-to-use digital interface.


multifi is on a mission to empower SMBs across the UK with accessible, transparent, and fast business financing. Our innovative platform simplifies credit access, offers fixed rates, provides fast funding, features revolving credit facilities, and integrates payments, banking, and financing—all tailored to the unique needs of SMBs. With multifi by your side, you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Revolutionize your SMB’s financial journey with multifi today.

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