Instantly check your indicative credit limit and access up to £200,000 to boost your business.

Boost business cashflow

Fuel Your Business With Unsecured Credit.

Instantly check your indicative credit limit and access up to £200,000 to boost your business.

Stop Signing Personal Guarantees For Unsecured Finance

Access up to £200,000 completely unsecured revolving credit.

Fixed Rates. Fast Payments. No Faff.

How it works

We provide all customers with a Cash Account. The Cash Account is like a Current Account and must show positive cashflow to demonstrate affordability. This allows us to offer our service without security while you retain complete control.

As an entirely unsecured lender without the need for personal guarantees, our Cash Account ensures monthly fee collection. Setting up a regular Standing Order on the 7th of each month into the Cash Account is necessary for processing the monthly account fee and any interest charges on the 8th of every month. Customers can subsequently transfer funds to their designated current account if desired. 

How to apply

Instantly check eligibility, see your indicative credit limit, and apply.

Once approved, receive instant access to your pre-approved credit line – up to £200,000.

Instantly check eligibility online, check your indicative credit limit, and apply.

Credit is revolving and businesses have up to 120-days to repay.

Key Features

multifi provides unsecured credit, meaning that accounts are setup without collateral risk.

multifi credit limits can be used alongside existing finance solutions.

We aim to complete applications within 72 hours of  receiving company details.

Payments made to your payees are typically paid within the same working day

Our foreign exchange rates are incredibly competitive and flexible when making international payment.

Use credit and take up to four months (120 days) to make a full repayment. 

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Check Your Eligibility for a Credit Limit

Is your business:

  • A limited company registered at Companies House?
  • Trading for at least two years?
  • In a positive Net Tangible Asset position?
  • Free of any outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJs)? (Directors included).
  • Not a prohibitive industry? (For more information, please visit our support page.)
  • Comfortable accepting indemnity cover and utilising multifi’s cash account functionality to make business payments?

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