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multifi, supports businesses through finance solutions tailored to their unique needs and help overcome financial challenges to unlock new growth opportunities. Read our business finance case studies below to learn more.


Nurturing growth through business finance for UK distributors

A business finance case study for distributors:

Explore how multifi’s finance solution can help distributors overcome working capital gaps and manage larger orders from retailers and e-commerce platforms.

Distributors experience accelerated growth, better customer terms, and more precise forecasting capabilities by bridging cash flow issues and enabling improved stock levels.


How Business Financing Fuelled Rapid Growth for a UK Importer

A business finance case study for importers:

Discover how multifi’s trade finance solution empowers importers to address upfront payment challenges and fuel business growth.

With our support, companies enhance their supply chain efficiency, reduce delivery times, and benefit from increased flexibility in meeting customer demands and placing larger orders.


Empowering a Fashion Retailer's Growth with Business Financing

A retail business finance case study:

Learn how multifi can support independent boutiques in overcoming cash flow challenges and supply chain pressures.

With our revolving credit facility, retailers can improve stock management, capitalise on new season collections, and respond swiftly to industry trends, resulting in increased efficiency, faster stock turnover, and improved profit margins.


Business Finance Fuels Growth for a Thriving Marketing Agency

A business finance case study for the service sector:

A fast-growing London marketing agency used  £150,000 revolving credit facility to cover expenses and payroll while awaiting client payments. This case study on our business finance highlights how a tailored financing solution enabled smooth operations and empowered the agency to take on more significant contracts to drive sustainable growth.


Export Distribution Company Unlocks Growth with Flexible Funding from multifi

A logistics firm business finance case study:

A leading UK distribution solutions provider has established itself as a premier global logistics partner. However, to capitalise on new growth opportunities, they needed to quickly secure additional working capital beyond what their existing lenders could provide. By partnering with multifi for flexible alternative funding, the distribution company fueled their expansion plans with an unsecured £150k cash flow facility set up in just 48 hours.

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Further case studies

These business finance case studies represent just a glimpse into the transformative power of multifi’s finance solutions. We remain committed to partnering with businesses worldwide, enabling them to overcome financial barriers, seize growth opportunities, and thrive in their respective industries.

These case studies were curated from customers who have used the Kactus Technologies Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) software system, the same technology on which the multifi platform is built.

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